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Fashion Design and Cloth Technology

Fashion Design and Cloth Technology (TVET – CDACC)

Course overview

Fashion in Kenya specifically, has evolved from cultural functional clothing of our ancestors to urban styles that incorporate individual tastes and style prejudices. Our students study fashion trends, sketch designs, selection of colors, fabrics and styles, and create prototypes. There are many advantages to choosing a career in fashion design, including the salary range and the freedom to create cutting-edge designs. Fashion designing also provides opportunities for travel and exposure to fashion trends and ideas.

This is an exciting career choice because it allows our students to be able to create clothing and accessories

(Taught from level 3, 4 & 5)



Course Duration :

  • Level 3 – 3 months
  • Level 4 – 6 months
  • Level 5 – 12 months

Exam Body: TVET – CDACC

  • Level 3 – K.C.P.E / Junior Secondary Certificate
  • Level 4 – K.C.S.E / Junior Secondary Certificate
  • Level 5 – K.C.S.E D Plain / Level 4